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Maxing Out: Setting yourself up for a PR

This week we've been maxing out on quite a few lifts, so I wanted to provide some information and tips to help you reach that PR goal you have in mind! A large majority of lifts are missed because people don't take the time to set up properly. You may set your hands and feet, but what is your mind doing? Ideally it will be calm and focused, which can be accomplished by focusing on two things: Self Talk and Mental Imagery (Level II: Preparatory Skills of the Performance Pyramid). Performance Pyramid of the Nine Mental Skills. Ohio Center for Sport Psychology, developed by Jack J....


This is a simple, but very effective program that will get you STRONGER! When you start this program, you will need to find your 1RM on each lift if you do not already know your numbers. The programmed weights are based on the % of your 1RM. BACKSQUAT: MONDAYSTRICT PRESS: WEDNESDAYDEADLIFT: FRIDAY   Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Set 1 65% x 5 70% x 3 75% x 5 40% x 5 Set 2 75% x 5 80% x 3 85% x 3 50% x 5 Set 3 85% x 5+ 90% x 3+ 95% x 1+ 60% x 5 If you would like more direction on how to implement this program into your training, get with a coach. For more...