Six week program: 1 Fit Kid + 1 Adult CrossFit for $199! Call 256-851-0574 to register.


Here at Rocket City CrossFit, we are dedicated to providing an elite CrossFit program to the Huntsville community.  Our athletes achieve success in reaching their fitness goals. Here are a few reasons why you should come and join the fun!

INTENSE, FAST WORKOUTS -  CrossFit WODs (workout of the day) are designed to increase your work capacity through short but intense workouts-minimizing the amount of time spent in the gym while maximizing results.

HIGHLY TRAINED COACHES- All of RCCF's staff members are certified CrossFit Trainers committed to the safety and success of each athlete in class.

FAST RESULTS - Due to the CrossFit methodology, consistency brings almost immediate physical improvement.

ALWAYS CHANGING - The WOD is never the same. This keeps your fitness program new and fresh. CrossFitters frequently report experiencing an element of anticipation prior to WODs.

GRATIFYING - After completing the challenging WODs, CrossFitters report having a tremendous sense of accomplishment and increased self confidence that transcends beyond the gym into their every day lives.

HEALTHY - Because WODs incorporate all 10 elements of fitness, CrossFitters experience improvements in not only strength but flexibility, stamina, body composition, functionality and even mental accuity.

ADAPTABLE - Whether you are a rookie training for the police academy, a professional athlete, a grandmother with heart disease or an accident victim needing a post-rehab fitness program - CrossFit is for you! With our knowledgeable CrossFit trainers, most workouts can be modified to help you reach your goals.


All of our memberships include:

  • An unlimited number of sessions per week.
  • Extended open gym hours throughout the day via fingerprint access.
  • Childcare (during session times).

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